Silviculture Program

2008 Workshop Presentations*


Title: New Specs for Red Pine Thinnings Gypsy Moth Update, Diplodia and Red Pine Regeneration

Author: Jana Albers, Forest Health Specialist, DNR Forestry

Title: Case Studies in Silviculture—Silviculture Workshop

Author: John C. Almendinger, ECS Program Coordinator, DNR Forestry

Title: Timber Sales Program—Annual Meeting

Author: Lillian Baker, Program Supervisor, DNR Forestry

Title: Forest Certification- Silvicultural & Timber Sales, 2008 Annual Meeting

Author: Rebecca Barnard, Forest Certification Coordinator, DNR Forestry

Title: Invasive Species Program

Author: Susan Burks, Invasive Species Program Coord, DNR Forestry

Title: Emerald Ash Borer: Firewood, Forestry and the Future

Author: Val Cervenka, Forest Health Program Coordinator, DNR Forestry

Title: Market Outlook, Statewide Silviculture and Timber Programs Meeting

Author: Don Deckard, Forest Economist, DNR Forestry

Title: Lean Overview, Department of Forestry

Author: Lean Partners

Title: Silviculture Prescriptions

Author: Mike Locke, Forester, DNR Forestry

Title: FORIST Computer Systems, FY09 Enhancements

Author: Dave Martodam, FIS Supervisor, DNR Forestry

Title: Assembling Annual Stand Exam Lists

Author: Jon Nelson, Planning & Policy Supervisor, DNR Forestry

Title: Salmon Blade

Author: Mark Pannkuk, St. Louis County Land Department

Title: Nov/Dec Auction Results

Author: Gaylord Paulson, Timber Sales Program Coordinator, DNR Forestry

Title: Forest Improvement Contracts

Author: Bill Schnell, Forester, DNR Forestry

Title: 2008 DNR Silviculture Meeting Herbicide Update

Author: Dale S. Sutherland, UAP Distribution

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