Silviculture Workshop Presentations

Title: White Pine Assessmen This link leads to an Exel document.

Author: John C. Almendinger, Ecological Land Classification Program, DNR Forestry, Resource Assessment Office

Description: This Excel workbook contains a table that summarizes the historic loss of abundance and acreage of forests with white pine trees. Loss was calculated as the difference between the Public Land Survey (PLS) bearing trees ca. 1850–1900 AD. and the 1990 FIA inventory of Minnesota’s forests. Loss was calculated for each ECS land type association (LTA) for

  1. any forest with white pine
  2. mixed or monotypic forests with white pine
  3. for ecological systems where white pine trees occur(ed).

Also included are some LTA attributes useful in making maps

  1. top three historic systems for each LTA with white pine
  2. the top three ecological classes in the LTA
  3. the raw counts of BT and FIA trees and derived calculations
  4. an index indicating the need for restoring white pine on that LTA.

The initial sheet "Sumtable for LTA Join" is the table in its raw form that can be exported as a *.dbf file for joining to the DNR's ArcView cover of LTAs. This is done for the purpose of making maps or allowing local analysis. The second sheet "Sumtable for Looking" is the table organized in a way that places related fields (variables) next to each other. The final row of this table contains descriptions of the fields.

For questions on methods or application, contact:

John C. Almendinger,
Ecological Land Classification Program,  DNR Forestry,
Resource Assessment Office
213 SE 13th Street
Grand Rapids, MN 55744