Division of Forestry

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The specific tasks that an individual forester concentrates on are primarily dependent on geographic location and the seasons

graphic of Minnesota showing forestry locationsNorthern Minnesota

Foresters primarily concentrate on state land management. Most of the state land is located in the northern one-third of Minnesota. Tasks include sale of state timber, timber harvest supervision, regeneration, and timber stand improvement. Fire suppression is a priority during the spring and fall seasons.

Central Minnesota

Foresters split their time between preparing for and suppressing wildfires and assisting private forest land owners. Fire suppression is a challenge in central Minnesota due to increasing urban/forest interface issues. State land acreage is limited in central Minnesota, so time used on these types tasks is smaller.

Southern Minnesota

Foresters spend most of their time working with private woodland owners managing hardwoods. One large state forest exists in southeastern Minnesota, so there are opportunities here to work on state lands. Fire suppression is not a major program in this part of the state.

photograph of forest fireStatewide

Listing of field offices and their locations.