Planning Units

Subsection Forest Resource Management Planning - NMOP and NSU

Northern Minnesota and Ontario Peatlands SFRMP map

Northern Minnesota and Ontario Peatlands

Northern Superior Uplands SFRMP map

Northern Superior Uplands

Public Involvement

The DNR is preparing subsection forest planning for Northern Minnesota and Ontario Peatlands (NMOP) and the Northern Superior Uplands (NSU) in northern Minnesota. We intend to use electronic communication technology to improve access early in the planning process so that public involvement occurs in a more timely way to influence forest management planning decisions. Webinars, or internet seminars, will be used to explain the process, solicit your input through questions and surveys, and provide the data you need to have meaningful input into the process.

The webinars will be presented by DNR professional resource managers and will be recorded so that you can participate at a time convenient to you if the live webinar is at a time when you cannot participate.