Blufflands/Rochester Plateau Plan

graphic: Map of Blufflands Rochester Plateau

Blufflands/Rochester Plateau Subsection Forest Resource Management Plan (SFRMP) (302kb pdf):

  • began in 2000
  • was signed by DNR commissioner Allen Garber May 29, 2002
  • had its strategic direction implemented after July 1, 2002
  • was developed by staff from DNR divisions for Forestry, Fish and Wildlife, and Ecological Resources
  • was made available for public review and comment
  • was approved by division and department leadership
  • directed vegetation management on approximately 58,000 acres of forest lands administered by the DNR divisions of Forestry and Fish and Wildlife.

The final plan includes:

  • long-term strategic goals, strategies, and desired future forest conditions, as revised based on public review
  • summaries of the seven-year stand selection process, the results of which were used to implement the long-term strategic direction
  • the complete seven-year list of stands selected for field review and potential treatment
  • DNR responses to comments received during public review.

Direct comments, questions, or requests for a paper or CD copy of any of these final plans can be submitted via email to:

Jon Nelson,
DNR-Division of Forestry,
500 Lafayette Road, St. Paul,
MN 55155-4044;
fax: 651-296-5954
phone: 651-259-5278.