Blufflands/Rochester Plateau SFRMP


Blufflands/Rochester Plateau

graphic: Map of Blufflands Rochester Plateau

The Three-Year Stand List Extension Plan (956 kB ) for state lands located in the Blufflands and Rochester Plateau subsections in southeastern Minnesota has been completed.
DNR determined that a three-year extension was needed to provide forest stand examinations.

The Three-Year Stand List Extension document includes:

summaries of stands selected for the three-year extension, listed by forest type, administrative units, and general preliminary prescription categories

Direct comments, questions, or requests for a paper or CD copy of any of these final plans can be submitted via email to:

Jon Nelson,
DNR-Division of Forestry,
500 Lafayette Road, St. Paul,
MN 55155-4044;
fax: 651-296-5954
phone: 651-259-5278.