FY2016 USDA Forest Service Landscape Scale Restoration Competitive Funding RFP

Full proposals with all supporting documents are due to Minnesota DNR Forestry, on Sept. 15, 2015 via email to Amber.Ellering@state.mn.us. Applicants will be notified if their proposal will be submitted to US Forest Service State and Private Forestry for consideration during the month of Oct. 2015. Applicants are strongly encouraged to send inquiries about proposal eligibility and development to the program manager for this RFP process: Amber Ellering, Forest Policy Analyst, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, at 651-259-5904 or email Amber.Ellering@state.mn.us.

About this funding opportunity:

  • See the FY2016 RFP. Note the changes for FY2016.
  • State and local governments and non-profit entities are eligible to apply for funds.
  • All work must be conducted on non-federal land. Work done on both non-federal public land and private land is eligible (as long as the public benefit is clearly articulated).
  • Applicants must provide a 50/50 fund match. Match eligibility information.
  • This is a US Forest Service State and Private Forestry led opportunity. Funds come from the US Forest Service and are received by state forestry agencies, including pass-through grants awarded to third-parties. Only State Forestry agencies (in Minnesota this is the Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry) are eligible to submit proposals (including pass-through direct to third-parties) for consideration under this competitive grant process. The State Forester makes the final decision on what proposals will be submitted. The Minnesota DNR Division of Forestry conducts a process to assure proposals meet standards for quality and are aligned with state forest action plan goals in Minnesota. Then, the highest priority proposals are given concurrence letters and forwarded to the US Forest Service. The US Forest Service conducts evaluation of proposals, and determines which proposals are awarded funds.
  • Projects may span up to three years.
  • Project goals must address and be clearly linked to resource objectives and/or priorities in the State Forest Action Plan (formerly called the Minnesota Forest Resource Strategies document) by referencing the state plan page, section, or strategy number(s) and articulate how they contribute to the desired future forest condition therein. For multistate projects, the proposal needs to link to the Forest Strategies document of each state involved.
  • Project goals must be clearly linked to one or more of the USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry priorities: 1) conserve and manage working forest landscapes for multiple values and uses, 2) protect forests from threats, and 3) enhance public benefits from trees and forests. They should also be linked to other national or regional priorities as set out in the planning documents available the FY2016 Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry (S&PF) Landscape Scale Restoration RFP website.

For Questions Contact:

Amber Ellering
Forestry Analyst
Minnesota DNR Division of Forestry
500 Lafayette Rd
St. Paul, MN 55155-4044
Phone: 651-259-5904
Fax: 651-296-5954
email: amber.ellering@state.mn.us