Woody biomass harvest for habitat restoration

tub grinder

Tub grinder in operation. Kelleher Park, City of Burnsville.

Barb Spears, Project Coordinator
1200 Warner Road
St. Paul, MN 55106

Project purpose

Woody Biomass Harvest for Habitat Restoration (also called Linking Habitat Restoration to Bioenergy) is an innovative new pilot project that unites two separate but linked aspects of environmental health: habitat restoration and bioenergy.

Project goals


The Department of Natural Resources, Division of Ecological Resources (DNR) received $500,000 from the legislature as part of the 2007 environment, natural resources, energy, and commerce finance bill. The legislative funding for this project is helping to facilitate habitat restoration efforts that might not have otherwise occurred while making the woody material generated as a by-product available to facilities that convert this material to energy.

cleared buckthorn

Buckthorn not cleared. Indian Mounds Park, City of St. Paul.

cleared buckthorn

Buckthorn cleared. Indian Mounds Park, City of St. Paul.

Project site selection criteria:

Projects funded:

Selected Projects PDF file are funded for the cutting, moving and staging of ecologically inappropriate woody plant material for transport from the project site(s) for the purpose of ecological restoration. Compensation is on a reimbursement basis for stated deliverables under a Grant Agreement with the MN DNR.

Additional information: