City of Austin, Hormel Nature Center

Hormel Nature Center


Hormel Nature Center is 507 acres and features remnant and restored prairies, hardwood forests, wetlands and a meandering stream. The park offers a nature center with educational programs and trails. Eight grants were awarded to the city to help acquire and develop this park. Two Regional Park Grants were used to acquire 210 acres and restore a portion of the land to prairie. Six Outdoor Recreation Grants were used to acquire 279 acres and develop a nature study center, trails, roads, parking and landscaping.


Prairie Grasslands

Grant Funding

Regional Park Grant


2004 Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund



2006 Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund


Outdoor Recreation Grant


1972, 1980,1981, 1992 Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund and MN Future Resources Trust Fund (FRF)



1971, 1978, FRF



Located at 1304 21st Street NE in Austin, one mile north of Interstate 90 at exit 180B.


City of Austin – Hormel Nature Center
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