Wright County, Robert Ney Memorial Park Reserve

Robert Ney Memorial Park Reserve

Robert Ney Memorial Park Reserve


Approximately 736 acres in size and contains marsh, forest and restored prairie. The Reserve provides a picnic area, 7 miles of hike trails, 3.5 miles of ski trail, access to Lake Mary, a memorial chapel, self guided interpretive trail and an Environmental Education Center. Three Regional Park Grants were used to acquire 375 acres of land, develop trails and restore prairie, and forests. One Outdoor Recreation Grant was used to develop trails and the Environmental Education Center.


Deciduous Woods

Grant Funding

Regional Park Grant



2002 Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ETF) and State bonding dollars



2004 ETF



2006 ETF and State bonding dollars


Outdoor Recreation Grant


1994 Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund



1-½ miles north of Maple Lake located off of County Highway 8.


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