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Case Study: Roseau River WMA

Checking a water control structure in the Roseau River area.
Checking a water control structure in the Roseau River area.

Roseau River Area Wildlife Supervisor Randy Prachar has his hands full when it comes to land management in northwestern Minnesota.

Prachar is presently supervising both Roseau River and Thief Lake wildlife areas since the Roseau River Area Supervisor retired and the position has not been filled due to budget constraints. Combined, these areas encompass close to 660,000 acres of public and private lands and waters.

And although he takes his added responsibilities in stride, with budgets dwindling, Prachar is left with a bad case of heartburn trying to decide what gets done and what gets put on the back burner or eliminated completely.

For example, without addressing the funding situation soon, fewer food plot acres will be planted. This will reduce quality of habitat for a number of species of wildlife such as deer and reduce hunting opportunities on the WMAs.

"Food plots are major centers of activity for hunters," Prachar says. "They seek them out, and their hunting success is affected by the presence or absence of such food plots and by the quality of them."

Additionally, fewer small, shallow wetland developments will take place without the funds to maintain water control structures. These wetlands are critical to providing the foods necessary for attracting nesting waterfowl. Waterfowl production lags in certain areas on these WMAs because good-quality ephemeral wetlands are in short supply.

"All of our projects and activities are extremely valuable to wildlife," says Prachar. "I can't imagine looking down the road soon and having to choose what not to do."


The bottom line?

The ability to maintain and create food plots that have a direct impact on hunter success and developmentment of small, shallow water wetlands will have to be curtailed.

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The Minnesota DNR's Roseau River Wildlife Area includes a 258,000-acre base of public and private lands and waters in Roseau County, providing excellent hunting and trapping opportunities in northwestern Minnesota for a wide array of species, including deer, black bear, ruffed and sharp-tailed grouse, woodcock, waterfowl, sandhill cranes and furbearers.