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Conditions and Closures

  • help DNR locate springs
  • Minnesota State Parks and Trails Winter Activity Guide
  • Get snow depth and trail conditions
  • Donate to Nongame Wildlife
  • Call us with questions. Extended hours now available.

Dangerous Ice Conditions

With the milder weather, ice is deteriorating quickly and creating some potentially dangerous conditions. Ice that has thawed and refrozen is only HALF as strong as new, clear ice!


Statewide deer meetings

Statewide meetings to lay the framework for Minnesota’s first-ever deer plan conclude Thursday, March 2, in Mankato. Online input is open through Sunday, March 5. Be part of the discussion.

family hiking in the snow

Governor Dayton's Budget Proposal

The governor proposed modest user fee increases and additional general fund support for DNR. Learn more about the specific proposals and how Minnesotans would benefit.