Zippel Bay State Park, Franz Jevne State Park and Garden Island State Recreation Area Planning

The Division of Parks and Trails is in the process of developing management plans for Zippel Bay State Park, Franz Jevne State Park and Garden Island State Recreation Area. These plans set the direction for these units for the next 15-20 years. The plans include recommendations for managing natural and cultural resources and providing recreational and interpretative opportunities to park visitors.

Draft management plans have been completed by the DNR, with the assistance of a citizen advisory committee. The plans were available for public review and comment in December 2013.  These comments are being taken into consideration and final adjustments will be made before the plans go to the DNR Commissioner’s Office for approval.

The 3,000 acre Zippel Bay State Park sits on the south shore of Lake of the Woods. A boat access and harbor have been developed in the shelter of Zippel Bay. Recreational opportunities include swimming, birdwatching, camping, and hiking. Walking along the sandy beach of Lake of the Woods is a highlight of this park.

East of Baudette, Franz Jevne State Park sits along the south bank of the Rainy River. Its terrain is varied, including both a high rock outcrop south of the campground road and low shoreline areas that are sometimes flooded when the river is high. Short paths and a boat launch offer access to the river for fishing.

Garden Island is 562 acres in size and is located 18 miles due north of Zippel Bay State Park in Lake of the Woods. Garden Island has 6.5 miles of undeveloped Lake of the Woods shoreline used by waterfowl and shorebirds as nesting, resting and feeding areas. A public shore lunch area provides docks and picnic tables for boaters to enjoy a mid-day break.

Review the draft management plans

If you have questions or comments, contact

•  Chris Weir-Koetter, DNR Northwest Region Parks and Trails Strategic Program Manager,, 218-308-2679

•  Laures Young, DNR Parks and Trails Planning Supervisor,, 651-259-5638