Working draft maps

The working draft rules propose the following six districts to replace the four existing districts.

To find which district applies to your property, look for your property in one of these seven map panels. The map panels are listed from north to south.  The titles of the panels include the names of the cities at the northern and southern extent covered by each map panel.

The following maps are PDF files.

  1. Dayton to Anoka
  2. Anoka to Brooklyn Park
  3. Brooklyn Park to Minneapolis
  4. Minneapolis
  5. St. Paul
  6. St. Paul to Nininger
  7. Nininger to Ravenna

Click on sections of the map below to open detailed district maps.

proposed districts map Dayton to Anoka Anoka to Brooklyn Park Brooklyn Park to Minneapolis Minneapolis St. Paul St. Paul to Nininger Nininger to Ravenna