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Upcoming Meetings:

No formal meetings are scheduled at this time. However, the DNR continues to meet informally with individuals and organizations to receive input on the working draft rules. The DNR intends to submit a final draft of the rules” to the Office of the Revisor in late December. The Revisors Office will review and re-format the rules. Once that task is completed, likely in early 2015, the DNR will publish the Notice of Intent, which begins the formal rulemaking process. Additional meetings and hearings will be scheduled during that phase of the process.

Past Meetings:

Beginning in July, 2013, DNR staff met with local governments’ planning staff and officials and with representatives of the Metropolitan Council, National Park Service, watershed management organizations, realtors and developers, and environmental organizations. Some meetings included presentations, which are posted below.

In July, 2014, DNR staff also held three public information meetings in Anoka, St. Paul, and Hastings to share information on the working draft rules, and give people an opportunity to provide input on this draft. At each meeting, DNR staff summarized the proposed rules and rulemaking process. A presentation was followed by a comment forum where people verbally expressed their comments about the proposed rules and rulemaking process. The meetings also included an open house with informational materials on vegetation, land alteration, setbacks, nonconformities, and shoreline facilities. DNR staff was available to answer questions and to explain how the draft rules might affect individual properties. The same information was presented at each meeting, and that information is posted below.

Public Information Meetings, 7/16/14, 7/22/14, and 7/24/14

The following are PDF files.

Meeting Materials

League of Minnesota Cities/Metro Cities Meeting, 7/17/13

League of Minnesota Cities/Metro Cities Meeting, 10/24/13

League of Minnesota Cities/Metro Cities Meeting, 4/16 /14

Mississippi River Forum (National Park Service), 4/18/14