Silica Sand Rulemaking

DNR's role in rulemaking for the reclamation of silica sand mines



In response to concern about silica sand mining and related activities, legislation was passed giving three state agencies authority to develop new rules to regulate silica sand projects:

  • Reclamation of silica sand mines - rules to be developed by the DNR.
  • Control of particulate emissions from silica sand projects - rules to be adopted by MPCA.
  • Environmental review for silica sand projects - rules will be amended by the EQB.

All three state agencies are coordinating their silica sand rulemaking efforts. A joint advisory panel has been assembled and is currently meeting monthly.

Legislative authority


Status of rules

As of April 2014, the DNR intends to spend the next several months on the following items:

  • Developing the scope of the rules
  • Drafting rule language
  • Writing a State of Need and Reasonableness or SONAR

Promulgating rules can take about two years. The process can take longer for complex rules and to accommodate higher levels of public participation. When the draft rules are finished, they will be posted and available for public comment.

Preliminary Draft Rule Language

Silica sand rulemaking timeline and present status


Public input

The DNR strongly encourages and welcomes public input during the rulemaking process. In the July 22, 2013 edition of the state register, a notice was published requesting public comment for this rulemaking process. The ability for you to comment remains open. Feel free to contact the rulemaking coordinator in writing to submit your comments on silica sand mine reclamation.

Request for public comment

Submit comments to rulemaking coordinator


DNR Contact

Heather Arends
Department of Natural Resources
500 Lafayette Road, Box 45
St. Paul, MN 55155-4045
Telephone: 651-259-5376 or 888-646-6367


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