Falconry and Raptor Propagation

Federal falconry regulations were revised. In the revision, the USFWS mandated that in order for each state to have a falconry program, they must adopt language that at a minimum conforms to the federal falconry regulations. The proposed rule language restructures the current regulations to conform to the federal regulation requirements, while maintaining many of the current Minnesota standards. Some areas of the regulations will become less restrictive, some areas will defer to federal regulations, and some areas, particularly those dealing with hybrids, non native species, and raptor propagation, will become more restrictive than current regulations.

The proposed rules have now been adopted. The notice of adoption (including 3 technical changes) is scheduled for publication in the State Register on Tuesday, September 3, 2013. The rules will be effective on Tuesday, September 10, 2013.


Rulemaking documents:

For comments and questions about these regulations or if you prefer to receive a printed copy of these materials, please contact:

Heidi Cyr, Falconry Coordinator
Division of Ecological and Water Resources
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
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Email: heidi.cyr@state.mn.us
Telephone: 651-259-5107