AIS Prevention Grants - Public Awareness Projects


Print materials 

Your local printer can add your logo to the publications pictured below, and guide you through the production process. Contact your printer for guidelines and pricing. Call the DNR Invasive Species program if you have questions about the printing specifications.

AIS brochure thumbnail

AIS informative brochure

Help Protect Minnesota Waters outlines current AIS laws and recommendations. It also includes photographs and information to help identify aquatic invaders in Minnesota.

Specifications: 4 color, 2-sided, 9″ x 4″ folded.
Bleed .25, Glossy stock.

AIS windshield card

Windshield card

This windshield card informs boaters of AIS laws and provides additional recommendations to stop aquatic hitchhikers. Cards can be distributed at water accesses.

Specifications: 2-sided, 4 ¼″ x 11″  
No bleed. Card stock.

AIS visitor letter

Letter for visitors of resorts and campgrounds

This letter highlights current AIS laws and includes precautions boaters and anglers can take to prevent the spread of invasive species. 

Specifications: Reproduce in B&W or color, 1-sided, 8 ½″ x 11″
No bleed, Letterhead stock.