Aquatic Invasive Species

Public Awareness Products

Minnesota resorts, campgrounds, and lake associations . . . help spread the word to keep zebra mussels and other prohibited species out of the lakes you love. 


Everyone has heard of aquatic invasive species (AIS), but not everyone remembers what they can – and must – do to follow the law. We need everyone who enjoys Minnesota's vast water resources to get on board and help stop the spread of AIS.

In the sidebar you'll find links to advertising, billboards, print materials and other AIS promotional items you can download to distribute to your members or post at your business. You or your printer can personalize many of these products with your contact name and/or logo, Downloads are available at no charge for non-commercial or educational purposes.

A limited number of public awareness grants are available to cover up to 50% of the production costs for these materials. These grants offer lake associations, COLAs (Coalitions of Lake Associations), tribal organizations, watershed districts, and counties an opportunity to partner with the DNR and receive state funding for public awareness initiatives.

If you have questions about personalizing any of these products, or you want to suggest other AIS public awareness marketing materials, please call the Invasive Species program at 651-259-5100.