2014 Minnesota DNR Wildlife Student Internships

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Section of Wildlife utilizes qualified students to assist with projects. Relationships between students and the agency vary with the needs and available budget for each project and the desires of the student. DNR has occasional paid student internships, some seasonal and others lasting up to 12 months. Summer intern positions are often times filled during winter. Students that are required to complete an internship as part of an undergraduate degree or seeking experience to strengthen their resumes may consider an internship on a volunteer basis.

  • All students interested in an internship with the DNR will be required to apply to the appropriate Internship posting with their resume and submit an Internship Application.
  • All internships will be posted on the State of Minnesota jobs website (https://statejobs.doer.state.mn.us/JobPosting ). Under Department, highlight "Natural Resources Dept" and for Position Type select "Intern/Student Worker", then click the search button at the bottom of the page. Complete instructions will be outlined in each internship posting.

PURPOSE: Internships provide students with a work experience that fulfills an academic requirement and/or results in academic credit from an accredited educational institution. The intent of an Internship is to provide a learning experience that is directly related to the student's academic program.

ELIGIBILITY: Students must receive academic credit or their academic program must require an internship. Students enrolled in minimal courses or those who enroll in a class for the sole purpose of becoming eligible for an Internship that are not part of an ongoing academic program are not eligible to be employed as Interns.

Interested students may contact each of the DNR Wildlife Research Groups for internships involving research and survey projects and the Regional Wildlife Offices for internships involving wildlife management projects.

Minnesota DNR Wildlife Research Groups

Farmland Wildlife Populations and Research Group; Madelia, MN
Marrett Grund, Group Leader, marrett.grund@state.mn.us

Internships may be available on a volunteer basis. No paid internships are available during summer 2014.

Forest Wildlife Populations and Research Group; Grand Rapids, MN
Mike Larson, Group Leader, michael.larson@state.mn.us

Currently, there are no internships available in the Forest Group. Project leaders in the Forest Group, however, often offer other types of opportunities for temporary work (e.g., contracts, volunteers with expense reimbursement).

Wetlands Wildlife Populations and Research Group; Bemidji, MN
Jeff Lawrence, Group Leader, jeff.lawrence@state.mn.us

The application period for 2014 internships is closed.  We will likely have paid internships available in 2015.

Wildlife Health Program, Forest Lake, MN
Michelle Carstensen, Program Supervisor, michelle.carstensen@state.mn.us

The Wildlife Health Program may have paid internship opportunities available in 2014. Contact Michelle Carstensen for possible opportunities.

Minnesota DNR Wildlife Management Offices

State of Minnesota DNR jobs website and fisheries intern information

For Minnesota DNR employment opportunities

  1. Go to www.careers.state.mn.us.
  2. Click "Search for a job" near the upper right corner of the opening page.
  3. Under "Department," highlight "Natural Resources Dept"
  4. Under "Position Type, highlight "Intern/Student Worker"
  5. Click on search at the bottom of the page.

Also, visit www.dnr.state.mn.us/jobs/index.html

Other wildlife internship opportunities

There are other opportunities for students to get experience in the wildlife field. For example, The Minnesota Chapter of the Wildlife Society (MNTWS) has a student mentor program to help guide students interested in a career in wildlife and natural resources. This program matches a student with a wildlife professional mentor, who would then provide the student with job shadow opportunities, resume and cover letter advice, and ideas on how to gain experience. Check out the MNTWS website: http://www.mntws.org/mn for more information.

Also, the Texas A&M University Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences job board http://wfscjobs.tamu.edu/job-board/ may have opportunities in many areas to gain wildlife experience.