Test your skill of forest messages by using the clues to solve this puzzle.

crossword puzzle


1. My family had a ____ in the forest (hint: lunch)
3. Initials of the forest fire prevention symbol.
5. You can ___ Smokey prevent forest fires.
8. Name of the fire prevention symbol.
9. Smokey is this time of animal.
10. Grown-ups build campfires at least 10 feet away from ___
13. If you find matched in the forest, ___ them to a grown-up.
16. Always pitch your tents ___ the 10 foot circle safety. (opposite of inside).
17. Young Smokey.
18. Grown-ups always ___ their campfires
20. Smokey lives in the ___.
22. ___, only You can prevent forest fires.
23. Always give ___ to a grown-up.


1. Smokey's friends share fire ___ with everyone.
2. Time you can begin to help Smokey.
4. I will follow Smokey's rules whether I am in my ___ or his.
6. Smokey's friends ___ outside the 10 foot circle of safety.
7. Smokey likes campers who are ___.
11. I like to ___ in the forest.
12. If you see a fire, ___ a grown-up.
14. Grown-ups put out ___ by stirring water and dirt.
15. ___ are Smokey's helper in forest fire prevention.
17. Smokey's friends can help grown-ups ___ a 10 foot circle of leaves, needles, and grass before building a campfire.
18.A bucket of ___ should be at every campfire.
19. Smokey wears one.

NFES #94001 U.S.D.A. Forest Service and your State Forester resale prohibited by 16USC580