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Kittson - Roseau Aspen Parkland IBA

Short-earred Owl

Eleven Sandhill Crane roosting sites have been identified within this IBA, with 5,830 - 11,725 cranes using them during fall migrations. Nearly 300 species of birds have been observed here, including 175 during the breeding season. This IBA has 75% of Minnesota Horned Grebe records, 14% of the Wilson's Phalaropes, 13% of the Yellow Rails, as well as Marbled Godwits, Short-eared Owls, American Bitterns, Upland Sandpipers and Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrows. Several other species of concern, including Sharp-tailed Grouse and Whip-poor-will, are relatively common to this area.

The Kittson - Roseau Aspen Parkland IBA encompasses 400,000 acres and is a unique transition zone between the prairie and coniferous forest biomes.

Located in the far northwestern part of the state, and includes much of eastern Kittson, northwestern Roseau, and a small part of Marshall Counties. Much of this IBA is inaccessible with few roads.