Web Map for 2017 Metallic Minerals Lease Sale

Bid Results

The 2017 state metallic minerals lease sale was held on June 9, 2017. The bid results are shown in the web map. Of the 195,324 acres offered for lease, 112,585 received bids. Zoom in and click on any of the 506 Mining Units to get more information such as; Mining Unit Number, Bid Status, County, Public Land Survey location, acres available for lease, surface ownership, and if there are any section level exclusion lands and/or special features. There is also a link to the mining unit book which has more detailed public land survey legal information.
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The precise locations of rare natural heritage features and historic and archaeological sites are not shown because they are non-public data.

Terms of Use

Mining unit spatial data is not intended, nor is it, a legal representation of the information depicted and is not intended to establish any legal identification of the true shape, size, area, location or existence of the real property depicted.