Web Map - Approved Negotiated Leases

The State Executive Council approved 14 negotiated nonferrous metallic minerals leases to Kennecott Exploration Company at its February 23, 2017 meeting. The leases are located in Aitkin and Carlton Counties as shown on the interactive web map below as 'Negotiated Mining Units' (orange). Kennecott holds 85 other active state metallic mineral leases (purple) in Aitkin and Carlton Counties. You can click on any negotiated mining unit to learn more about the location, acres, general surface ownership, special features, and excluded lands.



The precise locations of rare natural heritage features and historic and archaeological sites are not shown because they are non-public data.

Terms of Use

Mining unit spatial data is not intended, nor is it, a legal representation of the information depicted and is not intended to establish any legal identification of the true shape, size, area, location or existence of the real property depicted.