2015 Deer Advisory Teams

Please note that the nomination period for the 2015 Deer Advisory Teams closed on November 17, 2014. Additional participation opportunities will be listed on the Deer Management webpage as information becomes available.

What are deer advisory teams?

Deer advisory teams are volunteer committees of 15-20 citizens that provide recommendations to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources on deer population goals in the goal-setting block in which they serve. Goal setting blocks consist of multiple deer permit areas that have been grouped by habitat type. Advisory teams encourage communication, information sharing, and discussion between the agency, citizen participants, and the broader public. For a map of goal setting block boundaries and a timeline, see the Deer Management webpage.

Who can apply, and how are advisory team members chosen?

Anyone can apply to serve on a deer advisory team. The deadline to apply to a 2015 advisory team closed on November 17, 2014.

Advisory team members are selected from the pool of applicants by a team of DNR staff, and approved by the Commissioner. Members are selected to reflect the range of public interests in deer management (including hunting, recreation, farming, land management, business, and public health and safety) and to include broad geographic representation within a goal-setting block. Priority is given to applicants who live, work or recreate in the goal-setting block to which they apply. Groups or organizations wishing to participate on an advisory team should identify a local representative to apply. Individuals will not be selected to serve on more than one team. 

What do deer advisory teams do?

Participation in the advisory teams is voluntary and temporary. Team members will participate in one or two public meetings and two to three team meetings (up to 4 hours each) in their goal block. All meetings will take place between February and March of 2015.

Advisory teams play an important role in the goal setting process. Deer advisory teams thoroughly review biological and social data related to goal setting, as well as public input collected at public meetings and through online and written questionnaires. They use that information to make recommendations to the DNR about deer population goals in each of the deer permit areas (DPAs) within their goal-setting block. Their recommendations are then posted for public comment.

Finally, DNR staff review advisory team recommendations in light of biological and social data, public input from questionnaires and meetings, and public comment regarding team recommendations, before determining the final population goals for each DPA that are submitted to the Commissioner for final approval.

How many deer advisory teams will there be in 2015?

In 2015 there will be five deer advisory teams, one in each of five goal-setting blocks in east-central, northeast and north-central Minnesota.

Click on an area of the map below to identify the name of the goal setting block and associated deer permit area for your area of interest. Use the plus (+) or minus (-) sign to zoom in or out.




Why don't the other regions have advisory teams this year?

Population goals were updated in other portions of the state in 2012 and 2014, and remaining regions will have goals updated in 2016. Goals for the deer permit areas covering the Twin Cities (DPA 601) and Duluth (DPA 182) will not be updated using this process because of the unique deer management constraints of these populated areas.

How can I apply to be on a deer advisory team?

The nomination period for the 2015 Deer Advisory Teams closed on November 17, 2014, and we are not currently accepting applications. Additional participation opportunities will be listed on the Deer Management webpage as information becomes available.

Where can I learn more?

Questions about the deer advisory teams and the goal setting process should be directed to:
Leslie McInenly, Big Game Program leader (leslie.mcinenly@state.mn.us; 651-259-5198)

Questions about the application process should be directed to:
Katie Clower, Policy & Planning coordinator (Katie.clower@state.mn.us; 651-259-5182)

More information can also be found on the Deer Management Web page.