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McGregor IBA

American Woodcock

Best known for fall Ring-necked Duck migration, the area also has American Bittern, Yellow Rail, Sora, Black Tern, Sandhill Crane, 12 species of nesting warblers, Trumpeter Swan, Bald Eagle, American Woodcock, Wood Thrush, Black-billed Cuckoo, LeConte's Sparrow and Boblink.

The abundant wild rice at Rice Lake National Refuge attracts large numbers of waterfowl during fall migration, including very large numbers of Ring-necked Ducks for which the area was designated as a globally significant IBA. Check out the observation tower along the wildlife drive to view birds on the lake.

Area is located northeast and southwest of the city of McGregor in Aitkin County. To access McGregor Marsh Scientific and Natural Area or Rice Lake National Refuge from McGregor south on MN Hwy 65. The SNA is two miles south on the east, the refuge 5 miles south on the west. Kimberly WMA from McGregor is 2 miles west on US Highway 210, then south 0.5 miles on 240th Place. And for Grayling Marsh WMA from McGregor, go 2 miles east on US Highway 210, 2.5 miles north on County Road 73, access road on the east side.