MinnAqua Moments

August 2011

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In This Issue
Featured Lesson: Run For Your Life Cycle
Species Profile: Closeup on the Lake Sturgeon
Fishing Equipment & Tips: Minnesota's Finest Fight
Piers & Places: Fishing for Lake Sturgeon in Northwest Minnesota
Book Reviews: Sturgeon
Mentoring & MinnAqua: It's all in the presentation!
Angling for a Laugh: Wine and cheese, anyone?

Lake Sturgeon

by Nadine Meyer, Newsletter Editor

Lake Sturgeon have always fascinated me. Their unique body shape, life cycle and habitat are a few of the reasons I have found this fish so intriguing. This issue of MinnAqua Moments spotlights this ancient relic of oceans past. You can learn more about the life-history of this fish in the Species Profile.

If you are interested in fishing one of these giants up check out the Fishing Equipment & Tips and Piers & Places articles to learn about where to find them and what to use to tantalize their taste buds.

We adapted Lesson 1:3 - Run For Your Life Cycle to focus on Lake Sturgeon. For a new set of cards and instructions for the game that show the migration pattern and life cycle of Lake Sturgeon visit our Featured Lesson.

Our Book Reviews highlight three books about Lake Sturgeon for Pre-K through Adult readers. And, in our Angling for a Laugh segment, we attempt to link some strange "food firsts" to the decline of the sturgeon.

Don't forget to see the Mentoring & MinnAqua article.

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