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February 2011

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Featured Lesson: Making Ice Fishing Jiggle Sticks
Species Profile: Featuring the Spring Peeper
Fishing Equipment & Tips: Turns Out Less IS More!
Piers & Places: Crystal Lake-- watching the watershed
Book Reviews: Water Stewardship
School Spotlight: FAIR (Fine Arts Integrated Resource) School Downtown Utilizes MinnAqua Fishing: Get In the Habitat! for Teaching Green Science
Mentoring & MinnAqua: A Piece of the Puzzle - Minnesota State Parks
Community Connections: Please Pass the Salt!
Angling for a Laugh: A Salty Tale

Winter Stewardship

by Nadine Meyer, Newsletter Editor

It may be hard to imagine the activities we do during the winter having much impact on our water quality. Our lakes are covered with ice and snow, seemingly disconnected from our roads, sidewalks, lawns and the piles of snow between us and our cars. But the way we take care of our snow during the winter has great impacts on the quality of our water throughout the year.

In this issue of MinnAqua Moments, many of the articles focus on the impacts of salt on our freshwater habitats. You may want to start off this issue with  Community Connections to learn more about a recent study documenting the increase of salt in freshwater lakes and streams around the Twin Cities Metro Area. The Species Profile features the Spring Peeper, one of the many aquatic species that may be affected by increased water salinity and are used as a water quality indicator for our watersheds. Our fishing accesses can be impacted by our winter activities as noted in this month's Piers & Places article. To help younger audiences learn about environmental impacts check out the Book Reviews. For a lighter look at the issues read this month's Angling for a Laugh (be warned if you have a soft spot for fries - you may want to be near your favorite restaurant before reading this.)

Winter definitely has it's perks and getting out on the ice is one of them! Check out some tips on ice fishing lures in our Fishing Equipment and Tips article. Get crafty while still being practical with our Featured Lesson, Lesson 5:7 - Making Ice Fishing Jiggle Sticks, good for families and classrooms of students alike.

Finally, you are not alone in this winter wilderness. Many other educators like you are working hard to get kids outdoors and understand the relationships between our actions and the natural world. A great example of how a school has integrated MinnAqua into their school culture is highlighted in our School Spotlight. You can also find help in your local communities, Mentoring & MinnAqua shares local opportunities for youth and family fishing activities.

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