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May 2010

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Featured Lesson: Fish Bowl
Species Profile: Featuring the Mayfly
Fishing Equipment & Tips: The Life Jacket
Piers & Places: Minnesota State Parks are Fishing Havens!
Book Reviews: Aquatic Invertebrates
School Spotlight: Utilizing Community Partners and Agencies for Successful Hands-on Education Indoors and Out
Community Connections: Rocket Ecology
Mentoring & MinnAqua I Can Fish - Just a Cast Away!
Thinking Inside-Out!
Angling for a Laugh: The Mad Hatter and Fish

Is that enough?

by Jenifer Matthees

Continue to do what you’ve always done, and you’ll continue to get what you've always got. So, is what you get enough? How do you know that your enough, is enough, or the right enough? Think of this in the perspective of participants and what we want those participants to learn. Excuse the analogy, but do we just cast? Or do we plan, prepare, and aim our cast? If your efforts have goals, how do you know if you’re on track or planned accordingly to reach them?

One resources that MinnAqua uses and continues to refer to when planning, designing and implementing Fishing: Get in the Habitat!, is the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation Best Practices for Boating, Fishing and Aquatic Resources Stewardship Education. In fact, we believed in the use of best practice so much that I served on the review panel for the creation of the resource. But don’t take my word for its value, check it out yourself. The workbook format will guide you, help give you a plan, give you inspiration for new ideas, and challenge your perspective of enough.

Don’t think Best Practices are a step by step on the content you teach but rather how you plan, approach, teach and evaluate your process. Best Practices are meant to enhance, not replace, existing efforts. The great thing is that MinnAqua has built in a lot of Best Practices into Fishing: Get in the Habitat! by how the Leader’s Guide is laid out; themes that build on each other, clear objectives, authentic assessments, hands-on learning and discovery. But once it leaves our hands, it’s in your hands to deliver and implement. We ask that you add the next steps in enough towards teaching others.

Enough, happens in layers. Our stab at enough with the Leader’s Guide is not enough either, which is why we offer the Fishing: Get in the Habitat! training workshops and MinnAqua Moments e-newsletter.

So check out Best Practices for Boating, Fishing, and Aquatic Resources Stewardship Education. It’s the "right enough" to help you reach your "right enough" in fishing and aquatic education. 

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