MinnAqua Moments

May 2011

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In This Issue
Featured Lesson: Eating Fish!
Species Profile: Closeup on the Bluegill
Fishing Equipment & Tips: Filleting Your Catch
Piers & Places: Knowing Where to Fish and When to Keep Your Catch
Book Reviews: Cooking and Eating Fish
School Spotlight: Minnewaska Elementary School 5th graders get fishing experience in the classroom and on the ice
Mentoring & MinnAqua: Helping Nature Take its Course
Thinking Inside-Out!: We Are What (and How) We Eat
Angling for a Laugh: Chicken or Fish?

Eating Fish

by Nadine Meyer, Newsletter Editor

In this issue of MinnAqua Moments, many of the articles focus on preparing and eating fish. You may want to start off this issue with  Thinking Inside-Out! to help you wrap your mind around the idea of following up a fishing program with filleting and cooking the very fish your students catch. The Species Profile features the Bluegill, an easy target for young anglers that provides a tasty treat when cooked.

This month's Piers & Places article gives resources on where to find a good fishing spot and how to determine which fish are best to catch for eating. This issue's Book Reviews highlight cookbooks and recipes for cooking up fish and the Fishing Equipment and Tips article gives advice on how to fillet a fish. Our Featured Lesson, Lesson 6:5 - Eating Fish highlights our lesson that helps youth understand the health benefits and how to assess the risks of dining on fish regularly. The Angling for a Laugh article closes out this month's theme with a first-person point of view on what it takes to get kids to choose healthy foods, like fish, over the more tantalizing and tempting treats filled with sugar or fats.

Finally, Mentoring & MinnAqua features one mentor's perspective on how he's worked with youth to learn about the joys of fishing.

MinnAqua Program receives national recognition

Since its inception over 20 years ago, the MinnAqua Program has strived to provide the best programming and education materials focused on aquatic resources and fishing to the citizens of Minnesota. Recently, the MinnAqua Program staff were recognized for their efforts by the American Fisheries Society (AFS), the world's largest fisheries organization. In April 2011 the MinnAqua Program staff were recognized for receiving the 2010 Sport Fish Restoration Outstanding Project Award in the aquatic education program category for their production of the MinnAqua Fishing: Get in the Habitat! curriculum and MinnAqua Moments eNewsletter.

“The curriculum and newsletter are tools that help us accomplish our mission with help from others,” said Jenifer Wical, MinnAqua program supervisor.

The educators that use our curriculum say it best; a great example of how a school has integrated MinnAqua into their school culture is highlighted in our School Spotlight.