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November 2010

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In This Issue
Featured Lesson: Fisheries Management & You
Species Profile: Featuring the Silver Carp
Fishing Equipment & Tips: Alluring Colors for Lures Attract Fish and Anglers!
Piers & Places: Fishing in Superior National Forest
Book Reviews: Invasive Species
School Spotlight: Environmental Education in the New Science Standards
Mentoring & MinnAqua: Scratch that Ice Fishing Itch by Becoming a Mentor
Thinking Inside-Out! Stardust, Rainbows and Stewardship
Angling for a Laugh Not-so-great Moments in Invasive Species History

Being Mindful

by Jenifer Wical

Thanksgiving is just weeks away and the start of the holiday rush will soon be here. I reflect on this edition’s article under Thinking Inside-Out! on living deliberately while thoughts of the weather changing brings thoughts of ice fishing and choosing the right lure color to catch one of Minnesota's many fish species.

Dive deeper in the Featured Lesson on Fisheries Management & You to explore an angler’s role in management including being mindful of the spread of exotic invasive species. Whether unintended or purposeful introduction, exotics can cause complications for natural resource management. Learn more of the silver “jumping” carp in our Species Profile and reflect on lessons learned with exotics in Angling for a Laugh.

The Department of Education gives us an update on the 2009 revised academic standards in science in our School Spotlight. Piers and Places talks about fishing in the forest, Superior National Forest that is, while the Book Reviews also include topics on exotics.

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