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November 2011

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In This Issue
Featured Lesson: Fish In Winter
Species Profile: Closeup on the Lake Lake Whitefish
Fishing Equipment & Tips: Winter's Coming! Get in Gear!
Piers & Places: Winter solitude, winter wonder
Book Reviews: Ice Fishing
Community Connections: College Days
Mentoring & MinnAqua: Ace of Clubs!
Angling for a Laugh: Compound Interest

Ice Fishing & Winter Fun

by Nadine Meyer, Newsletter Editor

When I think about my winter memories from childhood I invariably recall the time I spent out on the ice with my father and sister ice fishing. From the moment we got our snow boots on I was excited for the adventure ahead. The slipping-sliding walk to the ice house (ours was a canvass tent with the floor cut off), the smell of the kerosene stove as it got lit, and the bright, bright sun and blue, blue skies are easily recalled as if it were yesterday. It always seemed brighter and sunnier and (gasp) warmer on the ice than anywhere else in the winter.

In this issue you'll find references to "the good ole days" on the ice in our Fishing Equipment & Tips & Piers & Places articles, along with good advice on taking care of your fishing equipment and how to engage a group of kids for a successful ice fishing event.

For more information on what to do in the classroom check out our Featured Lesson and for a look at what parents do with classroom assignments visit Angling for a Laugh. The Book Reviews contain excellent science trade-books you can use with your students this winter and our Species Profile gives an in-depth look at a fish which is caught more often in the winter. If you want ideas on how to engage students after school read about an "Ace of a Clubs" in the Mentoring & MinnAqua article.

Finally, our Community Connections article features a new partnership program between the Minnesota DNR and local colleges offering opportunities for college students to try outdoor recreational sports like hunting and fishing.

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