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September 2010

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Featured Lesson: The Lake Game
Species Profile: Featuring the Cattail
Fishing Equipment & Tips: Surface Lures
Piers & Places: Fishing Piers Across Minnesota
Book Reviews: Interconnection
Community Connections: Nature's Fish Factory: phenomenal, fragile
Mentoring & MinnAqua: I Can Fish! - Thousands of Casts Later
Angling for a Laugh Sixth sense proves elusive in humans, not in fish

It is All Connected

by Jenifer Matthees


What do fish factories, melons, trees and trout have in common? They’re all a part of this season’s e-newsletter on interconnection in our environmental system.

The complexity of fish habitats to a fish’s senses are not often on our mind or are overlooked with our busy schedules. But these systems continue to operate without our thoughts; deteriorating or thriving based on our decisions and actions. Just because it’s not on our minds 24/7 we’re still a part of these systems.

So pull up the featured lesson, The Lake Game, and think about actions that connect us back to the systems we live in. Read Community Connections and take action and read Angling For A Laugh to think about the complex creatures that live, often where we never see them, in the underwater system.

Have a great back to school season!

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