January 2011

The DNR communications team works with agency experts to develop the weekly questions and provide the answers. This feature addresses current DNR issues, interesting topics, or the most frequently asked questions from around Minnesota.





What are the educational requirements for the legal operation of a snowmobile in Minnesota?

The Minnesota DNR Archery in Schools Program is the state component of a broader national effort. It features three pre-packaged components that make teaching target archery in K-12 classes very safe, effective and easy, particularly for inexperienced archery teachers and students.

The gear is state of the art and designed to fit every student in the class. The training and instruction aids provided to teachers enable them to set up ranges in their gymnasiums and safely teach new archers proper form and technique consistent with the USA Olympic archery program. Finally, the curriculum and lesson plans enable teachers to integrate the program into a rigorous academic environment.

Archery is usually the most popular physical education unit because every student can excel, regardless of natural athletic ability. Archery is lifetime sport that students can enjoy for decades, and the program encourages youth to become more interested and involved in the outdoors.

The Minnesota DNR Archery in the Schools Program has been successful in recruiting schools and students over the past five years. The Minnesota program is currently taught in more than 340 schools reaching 120,000 students annually.

For more information, go to www.mndnr.gov/grants/epr/archery.

- Kraig Kiger, DNR shooting sports coordinator


Do I still need an open burning permit to burn my brush pile, even though it is winter?

The snow and cold of a Minnesota winter generally make this time of the year a better and safer time to burn brush piles. When there are less than three inches of snow cover, open burning permits are required by law. In communities that regulate open burning, permits are generally required year around regardless of the weather conditions. Property owners should contact local DNR Forestry offices to inquire about the need for a permit before burning any brush pile.

For more information go to www.mndnr.gov/forestry/fire/questions.html

- Steve Simmer, DNR fire administrative supervisor



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