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North Shore Peregrine Falcon Eyries IBA

Peregrine falcon with chick

Peregrine falcons have specific and limited nest site choices. The sites in this IBA represent 70% of the natural Peregrine falcon nest sites recorded in Minnesota. Although the regional population continues to grow, peregrine biology and cliff site availability dictates that we are nearing the species carrying capacity. Barring disturbance, or other calamity, peregrine falcons can be expected to continue nesting on north shore cliffs for the foreseeable future.

This IBA is made up of nine locations along Lake Superior. Sites are owned by various private landowners, Split Rock Lighthouse State Park and Tettegouche State Park. Each location is a cliff used as a nesting site by Peregrine falcons. The IBA does not include the area between the sites. While the sites are geographically separate and involve different landowners their combined importance to this species, along with their common conservation and monitoring needs argues for regarding them as one unique IBA.