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WARNING - There is a possibility of overwriting existing MapSource data or custom maps on your GPS when uploading IMG files to your GPS. DO NOT overwrite any existing map data when uploading a custom map. Use this data at your own risk.

MNDNR is providing IMG files only. Each of the downloads below contain one file, which you can upload to your Garmin GPS.

If you have an older Garmin GPS unit which does not support support drag and drop direct file transfer, you will need software to upload the IMG file to a Garmin GPS. One available free software package is: Mapwel's MAPupload.external linkMNDNR does not support or endorse this product but we did test our IMG file with this software and found it to work.

IMG file loading instructions

  1. Download the Garmin background map file to your computer from the link below.
  2. Connect your Garmin GPS to your computer, it will appear as a new drive letter and Copy and Paste the downloaded .img file to the units maps folder, usually 'GARMIN' folder. Please ensure that you're not over writing any files on your Garmin unit, unless it's last year's ATV .img files. The new map should appear in your list of maps to enable.
  3. OR for older units: Use the uploading software (reference above) to load the IMG files from your computer to your GPS.

Download files by vehicle type

Files were last updated August, 2013.