Moose River Trail

Moose River Trail


Cass County

Trail location map From Outing, go 7 miles north on Hwy. 6, then .75 miles east on Ben Draper Forest Rd.

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Located in the Land O' Lakes State Forest, the Moose River Trail follows gently-rolling terrain through dense woods and around small lakes and ponds. Much of the trail originated from past logging roads and provides a smooth, relatively flat ride, ideal for both novice and experienced riders. This scenic area is the start of the great pine forests of Northern Minnesota. The trail is maintained by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

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Vehicles allowed

(class II allowed)

When open

OPEN. Watch for signs and use caution due to logging activity on the south portion of the Cedar Lake Loop from the Pikus Forest Road west to where the trail leaves the powerline. Additional road work for logging activity may be taking place on the west side of the Wren Lake Loop from the Draper Road south to about one mile past the intersection of the Plantation Loop and the Wren Lake Loop. Watch for signs and equipment working.

Normal season:

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Difficulty & trail length


29 miles

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