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Cedar Park STEM Elementary

Implementing TAO at our school was an exciting opportunity this fall. All 5th grade students, in four classrooms, had the opportunity to learn about MN mammals, observe and search for animal sign, and analyze wildlife-photo captures. The project increased students' awareness of human interactions and impact on animal habitats. Participating in the program was a highlight for the students and teachers. We were all surprised by the amount of wildlife activity happening in our own backyard! Working and thinking like field scientists is now a part of the way we do STEM learning.

One of our favorite photos was of a white-tailed deer. We only captured it one time, and we barely got it on film. That added to the excitement. Two of our other favorites are examples of our frequent camera visitors: squirrels and rabbits!

white-tailed deergray squirreleastern cottontail

Our data are available from fall 2009. Note that the graphs will open in a new window. Close the graph window to return here.