Central Middle School, Eden Prairie

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In our Alternative Science class, students were asked the question: "What Animals are in the Wetland Area?" This wetland area was located on Central Middle School grounds in the middle of Eden Prairie.  Students were given the opportunity then to explore and find evidence of animals, such as tracks, scat, food, and homes. Once we had gathered that information on our SmartBoard, students were able to decide two different places that they thought would be the best location to place cameras.  The first time we used more of a carnivorous lure, which included sardines and Hiawatha.  Here we were able to capture some pictures of opossum, red fox, and coyote.  We set the second lure with more salt and sweet type lures.  During this trial, we were able to capture cottontail, raccoon, deer and the coyote once again.  Students kept a tally of what animals we found at each location in our wetland area.  Afterwards we were able to show the students the furs of many of the animals we had captured due to the generosity of the Minnesota Trapline Association sending us a sample box of furs.  Thanks to the MN Trapline Association, students were able to see and feel the differences between the different animals we had captured on our camera.  We were then able to talk about some of the different adaptations that each of these animals poses for this upper midwest area of Eden Prairie Minnesota.

collage of animals