Weaver Lake Elementary

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At Weaver Lake, students have rich learning opportunities through inquiry-based, hands-on classroom science and math activities as well as use of current technology and equipment for collecting and analyzing data. The DNR TAO project was a perfect opportunity to support us in providing an environment where students, teachers and families find the scientists in themselves through simulation, exploration and discovery. Our 4th-grade students collected the camera data and shared their work with the school through a bulletin board display.  The entire school community was engaged in the project as we watched to see what animals we would "capture" with our camera.  Our study was further supported by collaborating with scientist Carl Koch, an Alaska Fish and Game wildlife technician who was using trail cameras to study wolverines in Alaska.

coyote raccoon

red fox white-tailed deer

Our data are available from spring 2010 This is a PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download it.. Note that the graphs will open in a new window. Close the graph window to return here.