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Restore Your Shore

References & Resources: Credits

This website builds on information and activities from previous efforts, primarily the "Restore Your Shore" CD-ROM, the "Lakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality" book, a series of 14 one-day lakescaping workshops, and the establishment of a number of shoreland restoration demonstration projects.

All of these efforts involve the contributions of individuals too numerous to mention here, but that deserve acknowledgment and thanks. Carrol Henderson merits special recognition for his vision and leadership in advancing natural shoreland management in Minnesota.

Web Credits

Steering Committee: Kirk Breen, Rob Collett, Tom Glancy, John Hiebert, Kelly Randall, Welby Smith, Jan Shaw Wolff, Sarah Wren, and Skip Wright.

Project Delivery/Information Technology Development: Clay Austin, Kirk Breen, Tom Glancy, Steve Lime, and Kelly Randall.

Additional Photographic Assets: Heather Baird, Bill Bartodziej, Lindy Ekola, Haley Elvecrog, Lynden Gerdes, Mike Halverson, John Hiebert, Carrie Mack, Kelly Randall, Deb Rose, and Tim Whitfeld. Special thanks to Prairie Restoration's retail store and staff in Scandia and Sean Uslabar, Nursery Manager at the Ramsey County Correction Facility.

Video Assets: Heather Baird, Dale Newton and Kelly Randall. Special thanks to Geoff and Martha Davidge.

Original CD-ROM Credits: Technical Advisory Committee

Introduction: Carrol Henderson, Chair; Barb Liukkonen, Jenifer Matthees, and Jan Shaw Wolff. Review by Carolyn Dindorf.

Shore Lore: Michelle Bratager, Chair; Marilyn Bayerl, Leilani Kostreba Peterson, Barb Liukkonen, Jenny Winkelman and Mike Halverson. Additional content contributed by Bill Bartodziej, Mary Blickenderfer, Carolyn Dindorf, Gene Jeseritz, and Gregg Thompson. Review by Mary Blickenderfer, Carolyn Dindorf, and Gregg Thompson. Plant lists reviewed by Welby Smith.

Visual Preference Exercise was adapted from the lakescaping workshop series. It was designed for this application by Jan Shaw Wolff and Carrol Henderson with input from Tim Kelly, Minnesota DNR and David Pitt, University of Minnesota.

Steps & Techniques: Reading your shoreline and Implementing your project: Bill Bartodziej, Carolyn Dindorf, Mike Halverson, Jenifer Matthees, Gregg Thompson, and Jenny Winkelman. Identifying your objectives and Designing your shoreline: Gregg Thompson, Angela Anderson and Carrol Henderson. Section reviewed by Angela Anderson, Carolyn Dindorf, Mike Halverson, Amy Loiselle, Peder Otterson, Leilani Kostreba Peterson and Jan Shaw Wolff.

The Site Assessment Worksheet was adapted from a prototype developed by the Minnesota DNR Division of Fisheries. Other forms and worksheets in this section were refined by Carolyn Dindorf and Gregg Thompson.

Plant Guide: Welby Smith, Chair; Angela Anderson, Leilani Peterson, and Donna Perleberg. Native Plant Communities chapter reviewed by Dan Wovcha. Native plant list reviewed by Mary Blickenderfer. Non-native Invasive chapter reviewed by Ellen Fuge and Jay Rendall.

Native plant species descriptions and narratives were written by Barbara Delaney and Welby Smith (based on information from Appendix A: Plant List originally developed by Julia Bohnen for the "Lakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality" book). Recommended planting range maps were created by Welby Smith and computer generated by Rolf Dahle.

The Invasive Non-native chapter of the Plant Guide Section was based largely on a Minnesota DNR Division of Trails and Waterways publication under the direction of Angela Anderson entitled: "Minnesota non-native terrestrial plants: an identification guide for resource managers, 2001."

Additional technical input and text review provided by Bob Bystrom, Wendy Crowell, Robert Dana, Steve Enger, Linda Erickson-Eastwood, Carol Hall, Nicole Hansel-Welch, Julie Klocker, Ray Norrgard, Luke Skinner, Mark Tomasek, Chip Welling and David Wright and anonymous reviewers in the DNR Division of Fisheries.

Program content final editor: Jan Shaw Wolff

Original CD-ROM Credits: Production and Post Production Team

Interactive Media Development: Badiyan, Incorporated: Account Executive/Project Manager: Robin Becker, Programmer: Chuck Fisher, Art Director/HTML author: Doug Walter, Project Manager: Denise Uran Zillman, Tester: Sarah Sirigina

Information Technology Support: Internet Applications and DNR Web Advisory Group: Sara Eliason, Jason L. Gohlke and Steve Lime, Native Plant Encyclopedia Database Developer: Rolf Dahle, Testing Environment: Richard Erdman, DNR MIS Unit

Graphic Assets: Illustrations, maps, forms, and animations: Steve Adams, Dogtooth Design; Lyn Bergquist, DNR Fisheries; Amy Beyer, DNR Creative Services; Rolf Dahle; Tom Klein, DNR County Biological Survey; Leilani Kostreba Peterson, DNR Fisheries; Kelly Randall, DNR Scientific and Natural Areas Program; Gregg Thompson, Association of Metropolitan Soil & Water Conservation Districts; Doug Walter; support from Adele Smith and Steve Seefeldt, DNR Creative Services Unit.

Audio Assets: Shoreline Song: Music by Carolyn Dindorf; lyrics by Roman Rowan and Carolyn Dindorf; Performed by Carolyn Dindorf, Roman Rowan, and Aaron White. Mixed and recorded by Aaron White. Thanks to Jo McMullen at 88.1 KVSC in St. Cloud for studio time. Interview segments taped and edited by: Dale Newton, DNR Creative Services Interviewees: Bill Bartodziej, Mary Blickenderfer, Carolyn Dindorf, Carol Hall, Carrol Henderson, Tom Hess, Jeanine Hess, Jodie Hirsch, Gene Jeseritz, Arnold Linder, Leilani Kostreba Peterson, Welby Smith, Bob Streetar, Sharon Streetar, Mavis Wagner, and Ray Wagner Nature Sounds: Gary Burger, Gary Burger Audio Lawnmower track: Badiyan, Incorporated

Photographic Assets: Appreciation is extended to the many photographers who generously contributed their images to this effort. Every attempt was made to credit the photographer on each image with exception to the interviewee photos which were largely taken by Dale Newton, Deb Rose, or Jan Shaw Wolff.

Image Enhancement and Preparation: Carlos Perez, Visual Phixations

Draft Scriptwriting: Dave Johnson, Gau Communications

Administrative Support: Bernice Cramblit, Brenda Henry, Debra Hunt, Lynn Pierce and Carol Rushenberg, Minnesota DNR.

Marketing and Publishing Agreement: Sheila Gebhard and Tom Baumann, DNR Information, Education and Licensing Bureau; Steve Masten, Attorney General's Office.

Beta testing: Yvette Anderson, Michelle Bratager, Carolyn Dindorf, Sara Eliason, Carol Hall, Mike Halverson, Bruce Hawkinson, Carrol Henderson, Nancy Huonder, Tom Klein, Julie Klocker, Michael McDonough, Debbie Meister, Peder Otterson, Paul Purman, Kelly Randall, Jay Rendall, Jenny Schaust, Al Stevens, Brian Stenquist, Mark Tomasek, Jan Shaw Wolff.

Packaging: Jewel case insert, back, and disc design by Amy Beyer, DNR Creative Services. Text by Jan Shaw Wolff, system requirements provided by Badiyan, Incorporated.

Internet communications: Product information and ongoing technical support provided on Minnesota DNR's website through DNR Web team of Sara Eliason, Jason L. Gohlke, and Steve Lime.

Public communications: Product information and ongoing public communications provided by the DNR Information Center under the supervision of Robin Persons.

Volunteers: Ongoing product demonstrations provided by volunteers through the DNR Volunteer Program led by Renee Vail and Anne DuFresne.

Merchandising: Product duplication, marketing, and sales by Minnesota's Bookstore, a self-supporting business within state government. Chris Schanus and Megan Maloney, Marketing Specialists under the Direction of Mary Mikes.