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Restore Your Shore

Shore Lore: Sugar Lake, "High Intensity Planting"

Changes Over Time

Steetar property showing mowed lawn sloping down to Sugar Lake

These images depict the progression of the project beginning with the condition of the site before work began. As Sharon Streetar tells us, the changes at Sugar Lake were stunning.

headphone icon, Sharon Streetar closeup Sharon Streetar tells of the changes over time.

Budget and Timeline

When homeowners plan changes to their property, they have a reasonable concern regarding costs and time. Lakeshore property owners are no different.

It is important to do the research at the beginning of a project so that the level of commitment that will be needed is clearly understood.

*Labor estimate is based on 10 people working 8 hours a day for 3 days at a rate of $10.00 per hour

timeline for Sugar Lake project including site planning, permits, ordering plants/materials, site preparation, planting, watering, and maintenance
budget for Sugar Lake project including cost of plants, materials, mulch, project management totaling $6029

exclamation point Steps & Techniques provides useful information for developing a time line for your own project.

Lessons Learned


The Streetars noted that the most important lesson was that people need to be willing to try something new.

The recommendation from Bob Streetar to other lakeshore owners is to try natural lakeshore management. The Streetars have demonstrated that the results are worth the risk.

Sharon said the project has expanded her vocabulary.

headphone icon, Sharon Streetar closeup Sharon Streetar impresses her friends.

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