Independent Study Guide and Workbook

  • Step 1:  If you are interested in obtaining the Workbook and Study Guide, a Volunteer Instructor will need to meet with you and make arrangements for you to obtain the packet. The Workbook and Study Guide are only available through the Volunteer Instructor. Please call the DNR Safety Training Office at 800-366-8917 with your request.
  • Step 2:  Complete the Workbook and Study Guide/Home Study Packet.
  • Step 3:  Schedule your DNR Final Exam and Field Day with your instructor for review of your independent study coursework, take the final DNR Exam and complete the field day, either in conjunction with a currently scheduled class or scheduled individually.
  • Step 4:  Complete the online self-certification process direction (found on the back side of your registration form provided by the instructor), pay the DNR course fee and print your certificate.

Additional Fee(s):  The instructor may collect a fee of up to $7.50 for costs incurred for the exam session and field day activities.  The DNR course fee is $7.50 - payable online - upon completion of course requirements.