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Duties, responsibilities and qualifications

Instructor Duties and Responsibilities

As a Volunteer Hunter Education Youth Firearms Safety Instructor, your job is to pass on the knowledge and skills it takes to be a responsible, involved, safe and knowledgeable hunter. The course includes firearm safety, bowhunting, wildlife management, field care of game, responsible hunting, landowner relations, wildlife identification, and much more. For the privileges of hunting and shooting to be passed onto future generations, hunters and shooters must act respectfully toward other hunters, sport shooters, landowners, non-hunting public, and the resource.

Overall Instructor Qualifications

Important Characteristics of a Hunter Education Youth Firearms Safety Instructor


Must be neat, clean, and courteous; a positive role model.

Safety Conscious

Exhibit safe and responsible firearms handling.

Good Communicator

Must understand that communication skills are vital and must have public speaking abilities or willing to improve public speaking skills. Volunteers must demonstrate the ability to communicate with students in a courteous, informed and positive manner.

Believe in Education

Understand and know that quality education using “hands on activities” is the most effective learning method for students of all ages.


Respect the students, parents and other adults involved within the firearms safety class environment.

People Oriented

Have the ability of interacting with youth and adults on all levels.


Willing to devote the necessary time and effort to carry out the program content as part of a highly motivated instructor team.

Further considerations

As an instructor you will be representing the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Employees and volunteers must be courteous, helpful and professional. Volunteer instructors, although not paid, must follow the principles of the DNR and not promote an agenda of their own that is contrary to that of the DNR. Remember, we work for the public. Instructors are responsible to the area Conservation Officer, Regional Training Officer, and the Division of Enforcement Safety and Education staff located at Camp Ripley.