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Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge Important Bird Area

Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge is located in east-central Minnesota in Sherburne County less than 1 hours drive from the Twin Cities. The IBA consists of 30,700 contiguous acres of land and water that is federally owned, protected, and managed for the conservation of wildlife. The diverse mixture of wetland, woodland, riverine and grassland habitats on the refuge support over 230 species of birds, over half of which have been documented as breeding here. Visitor facilities for viewing birds are comprised of a 7.3 mile automobile tour route, the Mahnomen and Blue Hill hiking trails. Twenty-four species of waterfowl use this IBA with fall migration counts of over 50,000 individuals annually. Sandhill Cranes, Bald Eagles, and a variety of oak savannah species are also found in large numbers.