Natural History: Resources


A variety of publications are available from the DNR check out the categories here to find topics you may be interested in.

The following publications can help you enrich your exploration of Minnesota's natural history. Some may no longer be in print, but you may find them at your local library.

Chapman, K.A., A. Fischer, and M.K. Ziegenhagen. 1998. Valley of Grass: Tallgrass Prairie and Parkland of the Red River Region. North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc.

Crum, Howard. 1973. Mosses of the Great Lakes Forest. University Herbarium, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 404 pp.

Eckert, Kim R. 1994. A Birder's Guide to Minnesota. Williams Publications, Inc., Plymouth, MN. 238 pp.

Hazard, E.B. 1982. The Mammals of Minnesota. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis. 280 pp.

Janssen, R.B. 1987. Birds in Minnesota. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis. 352 pp.

Lellinger, David B. 1985. A Field Manual of the Ferns & Fern-Allies. Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. 389 pp.

Morley, Thomas. 1969. Spring Flora of Minnesota. Department of Botany, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. 283 pp.

Oldfield, Barney and John J. Moriarty. 1994. Amphibians & Reptiles Native to Minnesota. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis. 226 pp.

Ownbey, G.B. and T. Morley. 1991. Vascular Plants of Minnesota. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis. 307 pp.

Sansome, Constance J. 1983. Minnesota Underfoot, A Field Guide to the State's Outstanding Geological Features. Voyageur Press, Stillwater, MN. 224 pp.

Scott, James A. 1986. The Butterflies of North America, A Natural History and Field Guide. Stanford University Press. Stanford, California. 583 pp.

Smith, Welby R. 1993. Orchids of Minnesota. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis. 172 pp.

Tester, John R. 1995. Minnesota's Natural Heritage: An Ecological Perspective. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, MN. 332 pp.

Tryon, R. 1980. Ferns of Minnesota. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis. 165 pp.

Vance, F.R., J.R. Jowsey, and J.S. McLean. 1996. Wildflowers Across the Prairies. Greystone Books, Vancouver/Toronto, Canada. 336 pp.


Amateurs and professionals alike maintain memberships in these organizations. Their meetings, guided field trips, publications, and general camaraderie are great ways to learn about Minnesota's natural history.

Audubon Minnesota

Friends of the Mississippi River

Geological Society of Minnesota

Great River Greening

Izaak Walton League, Midwest Division

Minnesota Land Trust

Minnesota Master Naturalist Program

Minnesota Mycological Society

Minnesota Native Plant Society

Minnesota Ornithologists' Union

Sierra Club, North Star Chapter

The Nature Conservancy, Minnesota

The Trust for Public Land

Further Explorations

Your experience with SNAs may motivate you to explore the internet for more information about:

Minnesota's Endangered, Threatened, and Special Concern Species: Lists current legislative status of key species, plant and animal, in Minnesota.

Bridges: Gateway to environmental information, with access to legal information, environmental guidelines, and updates on current issues by Minnesota state environmental agencies.