Recreation Uses of SNAs Project


Additional Recreational Uses Proposed for Some Scientific & Natural Areas (SNAs)

The DNR is evaluating SNAs on a site-by-site basis to consider allowing additional recreational uses. Each year about 10 SNAs are being evaluated. Additional uses could be allowed on SNAs if they are compatible with the purposes for which the SNA was acquired. Below we explain what SNAs are, the purpose for this project, what the next steps are, and how and when the public will have opportunity for input.

About Scientific & Natural Areas (SNAs)

What are SNAs?


Are SNAs open to the public?


What can people do, or not do, at SNAs?


What is being done to involve people in SNAs?


About Proposed Additional Recreational Uses

Why expand recreational uses of SNAs?


What is the process for allowing additional recreational activities at SNAs?


What types of additional recreational activities at SNAs are being considered?


How does the DNR evaluate what recreational activities are appropriate at what SNAs?


How can people express their opinions about activities allowed at SNAs?


When and where will public hearings be held?


How do people find out when/how to provide public input?