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Chengwatana State Forest


Forest Landscape: The terrain in the forest consists of a series of forested uplands islands surrounded by marsh and brush. Three rivers, the Kettle, Snake, and St. Croix, flow through the forest.

Management Activities: Timber harvesting, reforestation, wildlife habitat improvement, recreational development, and environmental protection occur in the forest. Various zones within the forest are managed for different purposes. Recreation and environmental protection are major objectives along the rivers and trails.

History: In the 1800s, logging was the main occupation for the settlers who located in the vicinity of the forest. Millions of board feet of pine logs were floated down the Kettle, Snake, and St. Croix rivers to large sawmills at locations such as Stillwater. Over the years, the Minnesota Legislature enlarged the original forest reserve to its present size of 29,039 acres.

Acres: 29,039

Year Estab: 1953


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