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Centennial State Forest


Forest Landscape: The property contains mixed forests of pine, hardwoods, small ponds and wetlands and over 3,000 feet of shoreline on Camp Lake. More than half of the property is located within the watershed of Leech Lake.

Management Activities: Minnesota's state forests are managed to produce timber and other forest crops, provide outdoor recreation, protect watersheds, perpetuate wildlife, and perpetuate rare and distinctive species of flora and fauna. The DNR manages lands to sustainably allocate renewable forest resources to Minnesota citizens while maintaining and improving forest health. Centennial State Forest is managed primarily for red (Norway) pine, jack pine and aspen. Management goals are to maintain these species for commercial timber products such as sawtimber, pulpwood, posts, and poles, and to provide wildlife habitat. Present-day recreationists still use the roads created by early loggers.

History: The name "Centennial State Forest" was selected as a way to recognize the Division of Forestry's 100 years of service to the State of Minnesota.

Acres: 3,366

Year Estab: 2016


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