Jay Cooke Flood Images

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jay cooke flood map debris and garbage left by the river 2 Reservoir flood water drained through nearby Thomson into the park and destroyed Highway 210 3 The historic Swinging Bridge will need to be rebuilt 4 Flash flood waters from the Forbay Canal breach carved a new ravine through White Pine trail down to the river. 5 The massive amount of water from the Forbay Canal breach completely destroyed this section of Highway 210. 6 Culverts throughout the park will need to be replaced or fixed. 7 Almost half of the park?s footbridges were washed away by high waters or buried by mudslides. 8 Some trails have collapsed into the river or down ravine edges. 9	Part of this wall slid down the hill at the Veteran?s Memorial Overlook. 10 Sections of Highway 210 are undermined and in danger of further collapse 11 Much of this section of the Superior Hiking Trail has been destroyed. 12 Miles of Hwy 210 are covered in mudslides and downed trees 13 Usually a quiet creek, the Little River washed out Highway 210. 14 Sections of the historic Grand Portage trail have been damaged by mudslides. 15 The Willard Munger State Trail is closed between Carlton and Duluth due to severe trail damage.


Timeline and historic photos of the Swinging Bridge

Map showing locations of flood damage around the park

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